Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In it, not of it...

Sick of the left, sick of the right, don't wanna be caught in the middle, so I think I'll stay outside in the dark shadowed underbelly I've learned to call 'home'. I'll come out to fight for canned goods, clean water, a keg of Boddington's (tap required!), and 3 cartons of Camel Wides... throw in some Peanut M&M's and a Dr. Pepper, and we're good... otherwise, leave me alone. I'm happy in the fringe; to quote John Kay " I'll live outside your city walls, you don't have to be afraid until I come together". Outlaw me, I don't fucking care... I prefer it, in fact. I'll let you have your sick political battles and you let me have my mind, okay? I pay little attention to laws anyway, so how about law paying little to no attention to me? I understand the need for regulation and order, it's just not ME WHO NEEDS it... It's either that, or I start kicking down doors, bitch-slapping idiots and kicking faces in... I would rather just chill. Sick of spoiled greedy temper tantrum children running the world at the cost of millions and millions of lives. All so a tiny 1% can have 30 cars, 6 houses, 4 yachts, and high priced hookers. I SEE YOU, FUCKER! I AM seeing 'that man behind the curtain'! Knock it the fuck off, and let us evolve! Sick of living under the reign of the industrially insane. Sick of watchingthem fight and step on necks and sue and beat down and financially bankrupt and escape any consequences... Sick of watching.

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