Monday, July 25, 2011

To crush the enemy, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

"Well I take the dirt, and I take the dust, and I barbecue my meals." Damn skippy. What's all this shit with betas tryin to take my mind, energy, body, soul, money, pride, honor, dignity, integrety, etc... Civilization and the industrially insane who run it have manufactured a species of stupid worker brutes (mental betas), and soft bellied law abiders who like to talk about everything, like emotions, better ways to make more laws to protect the weak from the stupid, etc etc etc (physical betas). Just you keep em outta my way. All of em. I'm a heat seeking hammer weilding fire making thunder bringing head kickin' brainiac maniac caveman sumbitch, sumbitch; Don't fucking get in my way. I fuck like a beast, fight like beast, think like Carl Sagan on the verge of madness, and yer fucking floundering in front of me is so fucking irritating it makes my head want to pop. No fuckin' wonder my blood pressures high. I'm surrounded by fucking morons. Thank the universe I know how to spot friends n allies to buffer me from too much dealing with the public at large. Not that I don't possess a certain ammount of gentlemanly grace and an ability to empathize- but the second I sense judgement, fear, insecurity, etc I get a bit 'wolfey'. Don't be a sickly or injured baby elk in front of me... ya just get me sniffin' out lunch. I'm direct, blunt, and my hearts on my sleeve- but that doesn't mean it's an easy target. I smash through life in a straight fuckin' line pulled by a chrome helmeted, bolt tatted wild boar drawn rocket fueled chariot with stone wheels. Fucka Charlie fuckin' Sheen, man. I eat little self entitled bitches like that at 2AM after the bars close. Get the fuck outa my way- I'm comin' through. Nuff sed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Watcher on Fuckitall Island

If it weren't for my responsibility to the dog, I'd probably just say fuck it. My life has been filled with high adventure, righteousness, good friends, and fun interesting cameos by odd and entertaining sometimes wise characters. Bad times, and survival through em like a champ... and even more miraculously- survival through the good times! ;-) Never really was meant for this time and space. Out of step and un-synched my whole life. I honestly see no real reason to change anything other than to better execute some vague 'blaze of glory' fantasy I frequently indulge. Better living through chemistry my ass. FUCK THIS MODERN WORLD AND FUCK CIVILIZATION. Let it crumble. Maybe THAT'S why I need to change and take care of myself- other than to take care of The Boy Daigoro Lux- so I can watch it crumble and fall and laugh my ass to death. Sorry- not trying to be heavy, but my commitment to participation in this stupid pointless game has been hanging on one shitty rayon thread as far back as I can remember. Some people think it's a depressing outlook, but I don't at all mean it that way; it's all so funny to me. But I'm very glad I now get to watch it all fall with such badass kindred spirits as I've been so lucky to connect with. Hoot muthafuckin' HOOT! I kinda feel like there's a little more left to the ride, and right when I thought maybe it was time to get off. But I get off on it too much to quit just yet. Sometimes the universe throws a character or two in my path that really make me think "Oh fuck- OKAY then, maybe I'll stay just a little longer and see how THIS plays out... " Because that's what life is all about, right? Connection and friends and 'swimming' in/with the universal tides, and just DIGGING IT, right? Fuck the extraneous horseshit thrown atcha. Thank you friend, you know who you are- you're here, you're gone, and you are right fucking here in my heart. And thank you space time continuum for your waves. Surf's up!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I need a breathalizer installed on my computer...

I've decided I need to install a breathalizer on my computer so that I don't go on drunken internet rampages where I end up 'nuking' my friends' facebook pages with video posts, and go on insane spending binges with ebay and amazon... I mean, I know I NEEEEDed 'real' Jivarro JuJu filled shrunken heads, 2 fiji mermaids, a four foot tall wooden carved tiki bottle opener, a jar containing a two-headed baby, the complete Marvel Savage Sword of Conan, etc... and I know at the time every video I posted had some drunken signifigance where I knew everyone really gave a flying fuck about what I happened to be listening to for 16 hours straight... HAHAHAHA. But in the cold harsh unforgiving light of the hungover morning (2:58pm) my perspective was just a little different. No big deal really, I do want that shit, and now I get to have it, and my friends on FB are friends for a reason, but I'm not in the habit of annoying the livin' fuck outta people I dig. HAHAHAHA...

So here it is- in three months I'll have my license back. Let's see if I can keep from fucking hammering away at the keyboard like a mad drunken Dr. Phibes relentlessly beating on his organ ;)-hahahahaha-, unless it's on here, or while writing 'The Book'... no, not the bible- that silly shit's already been done; MY BOOK. Anyway, as Stan Lee would say: Nuff Said

PS- Tryin' not to only blog 'rants'. Gotta get back the bebop stream of conciousness shit, and more observational journalism. Gotta get back into the right head-space for it. Thanx for bearing with while I get my chops back in order.