Thursday, January 6, 2011

1st blog, crass commercialism, etc

So here's the deal: Starting a blog and I promise it will be filled with witty observations, film and record reviews, commentary on Fortean news items as they pop up, and maybe even snippets of 'the 1st book'... no NOT the Bible, there's older shit than that anyway- I mean my 1st Pulp/horror/crime/peepshow book... BUT! and this is a big butt... FIRST I MUST ADVERTISE!!! My Girlfriend has started an Etsy page of cool shit she makes, and I thought I'd take a shot at advertising!


wear My ghoulfriend's scares, wares, wears, and tears! Where? HERE! Buy or die! Wear or be square! Ladies- you look loverly! Look even more loverlier wit deez delightful doo-dadz!  Or buy for your sissy-ass emo boyfriends before they cry! Be the first on your block! Each item unique and one of a kind! Not yer style? No problem! Sponsor a ghoulish gal who digs the ghastliest gas in town! Looks great in yer fancy fuckin updoo! Make that stupid hairdon't into a fancy hairdid! The final touch-too-much for just a few bux! GUYS- Gotta girl who always whines about what a shit you are for never buyin her stuff anymore? Shut her the fuck up with a bitchin brooch or fancy barrette for an affordable price- then lie about how much it cost and STILL be able to get that 30pack of Keystone Light or whatever crap you pour into your fat fuckin gullet!Ugly broads- buy this stuff because it's bitchin' and will make you pretty! Pretty girls- Buy this stuff, too! You always are wantin shit anyway- well now you want this!

you WILL Check out the Demented Deluxe facebook page and 'like' it, too.

And look in the coming summer for items from WaywardWear Tees and patches brought to you by yours truly! Don't be a dick- quit lookin' like a pussy in WaywardWear Tees!  

ok! Thanx for letting me shamelessly plug away atcher consuming maw... until next time! Cheers- Hammerin' Hanke


  1. I'm new to this shit... can't figure out how to provide links yet! Cut and paste

    and check her stuff out! thanx.

  2. Ok! Thanx to Dunc D, there are now proper links where they should be, so go buy stuff, or get stuffed! See Ya!!!