Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Normal Blog- back to the rant...

SO I am working on the books now, which is cool because I'll be open for more hours etc BUT: It's a Citibank check which won't verify with many check cashing institutes. Not a big deal, I have an account with BofA, I just owe them 21.69 in fees and - it being a relatively small check- I thought I'd just pay the 7 bucks or whatever to cash it and utilize the max amount available, right? Wrong- They won't cash it... ok fine BofA it is: the BofA ATM allowed me to deposit a check into an account that apparently had been closed due to inactivity, but my savings (containing 1.00 in it) was still open. I called customer service and they were explaining to me that they were sorry but they'd have to mail the check back to me, because my checking had closed. Why, I asked, can't they simply transfer the funds or check or whatever into my savings then, and take the 21.69 out of it and pay what I owe with it, and I'll open another checking account? Well, she explained, that's fine, but we still need to send the check back to me first because it was sent to the checking account- however if I'd like to pay the 21.69 I owed I could do that. So I said to her, oh I see- you're totally set up to accept my money but not set up to giving me my fucking money when the stupid fucking ATM shouldn't have accepted a fucking check into an account that had been fucking closed for 6 days already in the first fucking place... Yes sir, are you satisfied with how I handled your call? Yeah you were great! Was it as good for you as it was for me? I'm fucking spent! I need a cigarette now... and a sandwich.

This said, I hate banks... I hate banks, utility companies, paperwork, rent, taxes, no skateboarding laws, insurance coverage, helmet laws, drug laws, pharmaceutical companies, lobbyists, rich ruling class elitists & their worthless spoiled offspring, bureaucratic governments, organized religious dogma, Clearchannel, the so called Bohemian Club, Skull and Bones, and their ilk...

I hate the Pharoahs, and the Romans, and the Catholic Church, and the Frankish Empire under Charlemagne, Germany under Hitler, all kings and queens of any area and time, and the psychotic zealots who overthrow them and start slaughtering people just as shitty as the kings and queens they just overthrew. I hate "the new boss- same as the old boss", I hate fast food and convenience store managers and assistant managers with a world so small that they actually take their jobs seriously... I hate white collar call center 'key people' and 'supervisors' who give a fuck about the system they work for. I hate anyone and everyone whose only value is being a working cog in a obliviously pointless running machine. I hate rules arbitrarily placed for people to avoid confrontation or resposability or accountability. I hate physically weaker and intellectually duller people in positions of 'power' that believe a title or money is actual power.

I am not meant for this time- or at least not in a way that I've found... I should be hunting Mammoth right now... Not kidding.

Or charting the paths of the night sky and documenting it in my mind and designing massive stone calenders.