Monday, June 25, 2012

I stood by yer mom today... I joked and befriended yer children. We had motherfuckers from the waybax come out for you... I sold shirts with yer knuckles emblazoned upon their breast. Yer daughter- 10 years old- wore both the vest you made for her, and the shirt I made in your honor. If your son doesn't call tomorrow to have Quecke tat him up, I'll be surprisd. Todd drunkenly showed and demanded we speak. We'd already sent your ashes off into the Pacific with roses. Sand still sits in my shoes. I tried to speak but couldn't. The people who showed, out of sheer 'fuck man, really' spoke the volumes that those who flaked didn't. You were my friend. My road dog. My P.I.C. Eric said incredible things. All I can say now is:We shook the pillars, didn't we Wang?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

RIP Jeff 'Jef Leppard' Davis, and super love vibe healing posi-thought to Nikki...

OK so here's the deal. It's not like we were close. In fact, it'd been around ten years since I'd seen either Jeff, or Nikki- as I'd been on the East Coast, and had then only been back to San Francisco or Oakland a very few times since my return. But that's just it with those two- they've always been so cool, friendly, and genuinely good people-and maybe that's why this shit is so fucking sad to me, who's generally fairly desensitized, usually- that you didn't have to be 'close' to love em. They seemed to really love eachother, and I can't think of more than one particular time, that I personally saw one without the other. I'd run into em at shows a lot. I'd drink 40s with Jeff back in the day at things like Tony Culbert's Punk Rock in the Parking Lot parties- so on and so forth. I thought STFU was pretty awesome, too. There are just some people, that crappy shit shouldn't happen to; These two are definitely two that shoulda had some sort of forcefield around em to protect em from this kinda shit. I've been away a long time, and feel almost like an intruder at this point in everybody's lives at this point, under the circumstances. I'm an outsider, somewhat, even to the outsider scene that they and so many of my friends are a part of, so I'm stayin out of the way. Just know, that if I ever called you friend, I fucking meant it, and you are a friend. My heart sincerely goes out to Nikki and all of their close friends and family, who are hurting. I hope for Nikki a full recovery, and there ain't shit I wouldn't do for her, should she ask. The loss of Jeff is heartbreaking on so many levels. Very talented guitarist, engineer, and most importantly, one of the nicest, coolest, approachable cats I've ever met. There is genuine love in my heart for BOTH of them and Nikki's brother Tony. With that said, I'm gonna repeat- it's with heavy heart I say "so long Jef Leppard- one of the coolest motherfuckers I've ever shared a 40 of Steel Reserve with." To Nikki and Tony, and everyone in their close circles- I'm truly, deeply, sorry. For what it's worth, this halfcrazed, wandering, freak loves all of you who are reading this. Live well, friends, and as my OTHER recently departed close friend's knuckle tats read: LIVE TRUE. -Josh Hanke