Friday, January 14, 2011

Assholes everywhere...

So, I responded to an ad on craigslist about a job interview, and spoke with a dude about the deregulation of electricity in Pennsylvania... okay, so I'm thinking it's a job interview (and trust me, they wanted a resume, told me to come in business attire- which means Tiffany spent 10bux for a suit coat for me at Goodwill, etc etc etc) w/ an Electric Company that's come to town, right? Well, sort of... what it is, is a pyramid scheme... Now, they will deny that it's a pyramid scheme, and show you charts n shit all fucking night proving that it's not. OK- I get it- it's not a pyramid because you've made a much more complex chart that- ESSENTIALLY- shows the same shit that a pyramid scheme does. What it IS, is a multilevel marketing scam, truly pissed me off being there... They wanted me to get 3 more people, get them all to switch service providers, and then for each of them to get three more, so on and so on... there were 4 of us there tonight... 1500 are training tomorrow. After 3 hours of being told up and down and over and over why we need to get on board, it turns out that in order to pull this off, each and everyone involved, would have to use their website in order to get paid; for a one time fee $199.00, and after that just $24.99 per/month, we could have access to this website. Of course you make commission, on every account you get your friends to sign up with, as do they, but then you get a little off of their commission too, so on and so forth. Do you see the problem here? The population is finite- FACT. So, say there's 5million people in Philadelphia; 1500 of those people, are paying 200 bucks tomorrow to be 'trained' to get 3 to 10 accounts, who all will pay THEIR 200 bucks and then try and get 3-10 people who then pay THEIR 200 blah blah blah... major rapid multiplication explosion, in a finite state population. Imagine if you sold AMWAY, and at every door you knocked on the homeowner tried to sell you AMWAY. Anyway, total shit. Irritated. The links in this blog are pretty awesome, I might add and I urge you to check em out...
So, here I am- back to the fucking job-search thing. The funny thing was, the other 3 people duped into finding their way out to the airport Wyndham Hotel, were buying it... and I'm not saying it wouldn't work, potentially, at this level, but eventually, someone gets fucked; sooner than later. I'm not willing to make a few bucks by being a parasitic fuckwad at the expense of my friends or strangers, even. On top of that, they were showing footage of a convention center room w/ at LEAST 2000 people already involved. Like a pyramid cult or something. FUCK THAT! These assholes spoke of how great they were doing, including  little antidotes indicating that they came from humble beginnings, as obvious as one dude talking about snow coming through his bedroom ceiling when he was a kid and eating tree bark! lol... and another guy talking about how great his life is now and how he has a great house, "even though I grew up in the ghetto" etc etc etc... When he said that, I looked at his hands... SOFT like a babies ass, soft! Like hands that've NEVER seen hardship. ANYWAY, fuck em.

On to other shit: The State Farm Insurance guy makes me want to punch him in his fucking face. I hate him. He's smug and irritating and always in some gentrified culturally diverse setting, indicating subliminally that it works for EVERYONE, not just smug, pinchy faced, know-it-all, fucktards w/ sensibly stylish sports coats.

That rant out of the way, I urge anyone in  the area to come out to the Trocadero Theatre here in Philly Feb. 3rd for an exclusive showing of: LEMMY THE MOVIE- 49% Motherfucker/51% SonOfaBitch! Should be awesome! tix are 8bux.

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  1. Haha, about the State Farm guy, I honestly didn't even notice the sport coat till you mentioned it.