Monday, May 28, 2012

Hey Ho! Let's GO!

Alright alright alright... so a lot's been happening here, with the shirts. My comrade and P.I.C. and brother and road dog, Brattly B. Raddley is gone, and people are wantin' his shirts which is cool, as every B-Rad shirt sold will go towards his kids in one way or another. Restructuring how that happens, as orders for all shirts are happening quicker than I thought they would. So I'm gonna do a tally and kick bread to his mom every 6 months, I figure. We have new prints, and 100 new acetate sheets which means 100 new images to be made available real soon. So here we go with crass commercialism! Once again, hey Lamo! Yeah you! Buy our shirts, they'll make you cool. Hipsters: Buy our shit- tell everyone you knew about our shit before everybody else, and bought our stuff before we sold out! Want us to print on V-Neck skinny shirts that're too small for ya? Fuck it! Why not? It's not US who have to wear the stupid trendy things! Order em lame as you want- we'll custom make em just for yer lame, neo-yuppie (cuz that's whatcha are, hipster: The New Yuppie) asses. Ugly girls: Buy these they'll make ya pretty. Pretty girls: You are always wantin' stuff; "Me me me... I wanta.. I wanta... I wanta..." and every sucker parent, and pussywhipped boyfriend you've ever emasculated are just SO compliant, aren't they? Well NOW you want OUR shit. Ya can't live without a Goodbye Kitty, or a Sugar Skull, or a special order pink Lowlife Highway 'Lowzdale' design shirt, can Ya? NO! Ya can't! So get on it! Cool guys: Tell the world "GFY" in an assortment of designs made especially for you! Feelin' el Tropicale? We got Tikis, shrunken heads, etc... We gotcher Search and Destroys, Iron Crosses done in old school Surfer/Hot Rodder style color palates! Classic B-Movie motifs, Live Nude Ghouls, Finks, Grindhouse/Drive-in styles, horror, 'sploitation, true Rock n Roll Hooligan wear made by true rock n roll hooligans from the streets just tryin' to make a legit buck and make it in your world, man. We got the goodz. Dog shirts, comin' soon, too. Give us a crack- we do commercial work, too. Most designs are printed to order sized sm-5XL, but some we already have in stock. Everything hand done on a six color, 2 station press. 12/8 Studios/Lowlife Highway Screenprinting (707)843-9216 ask for Josh.