Monday, July 25, 2011

To crush the enemy, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

"Well I take the dirt, and I take the dust, and I barbecue my meals." Damn skippy. What's all this shit with betas tryin to take my mind, energy, body, soul, money, pride, honor, dignity, integrety, etc... Civilization and the industrially insane who run it have manufactured a species of stupid worker brutes (mental betas), and soft bellied law abiders who like to talk about everything, like emotions, better ways to make more laws to protect the weak from the stupid, etc etc etc (physical betas). Just you keep em outta my way. All of em. I'm a heat seeking hammer weilding fire making thunder bringing head kickin' brainiac maniac caveman sumbitch, sumbitch; Don't fucking get in my way. I fuck like a beast, fight like beast, think like Carl Sagan on the verge of madness, and yer fucking floundering in front of me is so fucking irritating it makes my head want to pop. No fuckin' wonder my blood pressures high. I'm surrounded by fucking morons. Thank the universe I know how to spot friends n allies to buffer me from too much dealing with the public at large. Not that I don't possess a certain ammount of gentlemanly grace and an ability to empathize- but the second I sense judgement, fear, insecurity, etc I get a bit 'wolfey'. Don't be a sickly or injured baby elk in front of me... ya just get me sniffin' out lunch. I'm direct, blunt, and my hearts on my sleeve- but that doesn't mean it's an easy target. I smash through life in a straight fuckin' line pulled by a chrome helmeted, bolt tatted wild boar drawn rocket fueled chariot with stone wheels. Fucka Charlie fuckin' Sheen, man. I eat little self entitled bitches like that at 2AM after the bars close. Get the fuck outa my way- I'm comin' through. Nuff sed.

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