Sunday, July 14, 2013

1st blog of 2013, because I'm a lazy, unmotivated, procrastinator...

So I have a lot of scars. I have scars all over. I have em on my knuckles, arms, a lot on my head. I love em. Every scar is a story about something else or someone else that couldn't keep me down. I love fighting. I do. I can't just fight for the sake of fighting though... I have to have a reason, and I usually need a real good one. I have a lot of love in my heart, too. My heart is also scarred. I'm the eternal underdog. I choose that. Well, I'm choosing to be happy, in my wiser older ways, but part of that happiness involves putting myself in situations where I'm gonna be forced to fight more. HAHAHAHAHAHA Fight against bullshit. It's a war. Fight against the jive. It's a war. Fight against my own entropy. It's a war. I love the taste of my own blood in my mouth. The numbness. I feel far removed from the zeitgeist of our reality tunnel. My reality tunnel is much older and straight forward than most. More honest. Less connected to the game everyone's in than most. I do my own thing. I'm not bragging, or trying to sound tough, or cool, or whatever. I'm as real as they come. More human than human, as the Tyrell catch-phrase goes... Anyway, keepin this one short and sweet. Gettin' the swing back. Expect more. And expect more irreverant, and smartassy shit than this post. But be lookin for me. And the interwebs radio show is almost ready to be launched, too. Love, peace, and straight stone grease, baby... look out- I'm fuckin' comin.

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