Monday, June 25, 2012

I stood by yer mom today... I joked and befriended yer children. We had motherfuckers from the waybax come out for you... I sold shirts with yer knuckles emblazoned upon their breast. Yer daughter- 10 years old- wore both the vest you made for her, and the shirt I made in your honor. If your son doesn't call tomorrow to have Quecke tat him up, I'll be surprisd. Todd drunkenly showed and demanded we speak. We'd already sent your ashes off into the Pacific with roses. Sand still sits in my shoes. I tried to speak but couldn't. The people who showed, out of sheer 'fuck man, really' spoke the volumes that those who flaked didn't. You were my friend. My road dog. My P.I.C. Eric said incredible things. All I can say now is:We shook the pillars, didn't we Wang?

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